Early HIV treatment: Tackling HIV among injecting drug users in Viet Nam

WHO Viet Nam/C. Doan

Nguyen Trong Hoa has been injecting heroin for 19 years but in January he finally knew he had to get help. He began methadone therapy to help break his habit and also had an HIV test at an outpatient clinic in Thanh Hoa City on Viet Nam’s north central coast.

Hoa, 36, was worried when he learned that he was HIV-positive. But the clinic that tested him is participating in a pilot study supported by WHO to start HIV-positive drug users on antiretroviral therapy as soon as they are diagnosed – in line with the Organization’s recommendation to give people treatment before HIV weakens their immune system.

New Metrics to Monitor and Evaluate the Impact of Antiretroviral Treatment

Manila, 17 July 2014 - Antiretroviral therapy (ART) prevents both the progression of HIV disease and the transmission of the virus. The more people living with HIV know their status, are linked to care and take ART and do not have detectable HIV the less likely they transmit HIV.

Simple metrics can help policy makers and programme planners to evaluate the prevention benefit of their ART programmes. Such metrics can also provide useful information to care providers on improving HIV services.

Joint Review of the Cambodian National Health Sector Response to HIV

Field visit by members of review team to district health center in Cambodia, WHO

Cambodia, 2 June 2014 -WHO in the Western Pacific Region is supporting countries to conduct comprehensive reviews of their HIV/AIDS programmes.

Countries that conduct a review gain an immediate snapshot of their progress in fighting the epidemic, while also seeing clearly where improvements can be made.

Scaling up voluntary HIV testing and counselling

BANGKOK, Thailand, 21 November 2013—United Nations entities, civil society networks and development partners in Asia and the Pacific are joining to urge for a rapid increase of voluntary confidential community-based HIV testing and counseling for key populations including men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers and people who use drugs— in the region, to help ensure more people in need are able to access life-saving antiretroviral treatment.

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Antiretroviral therapy

310 000people were receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the Western Pacific Region as of December 2012, an eighteen times increase from the 17 000 observed in 2004. Coverage of ART across the Region reached 53% [35%–91%] of the estimated number of people eligible for ART.

Global update on HIV treatment 2014

Prevention of mother to child transmission

6 550pregnant women living with HIV had received antiretrovirals for the prevention of mother-to-child transmission in 2012.

Paediatric HIV

11 930children below the age of 15 years were on antiretroviral therapy in the Region in 2010. These accounted for about 61% [37%–95%] of the estimated number eligible for treatment.

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