Large-Scale Prevention of Hepatitis B

We estimate that China prevented 28 million people from acquiring chronic hepatitis B infection and 5 million people from dying from complications related to hepatitis B infection between 1992 and 2014. Now the Regional Action Plan for Viral Hepatitis in the Western Pacific 2016-2020 encourages countries to adopt national hepatitis action plans and promotes an integrative approach to all types of hepatitis.

Providing Education on Treatment for Hepatitis C

We are working on projects that raise awareness and encourage people to get tested by providing equipment for viral load testing.

Increasing Access to Effective Treatment

We have developed national guidelines for hepatitis C as well as hepatitis B and D (delta). The national guidelines have been published as an important official policy document that enables doctors to diagnose and treat people with hepatitis.

Using Local Approaches to Fight Viral Hepatitis

We are leading much-needed research on viral hepatitis in Mongolia. This includes research on Mongolia's high superinfection rates of hepatitis B and D (delta). Providing new information for future generations, as well as treating people with hepatitis, gives me great motivation to work in this field.

Advocacy as a Driver for Change

Advocacy and awareness programmes such as our B Aware initiative enable people to better understand hepatitis B so that they are more familiar with the risk factors, know when to get tested and get access to effective treatment.

Creating Impact Through Collaboration

The establishment of the National Hepatitis Prevention and Control Program in the Philippines testifies to true collaboration between civil society and government. Through the Regional Action Plan for Viral Hepatitis in the Western Pacific 2016-2020, we will support the further roll-out of vaccination programmes, fast-tracking effective treatments for hepatitis B and C while working to simplify diagnosis.

Tackling Stigma & Discrimination

Civil society is a channel for real demands from real people facing real issues- so that the people with hepatitis B can be seen and heard. Advocacy campaigns in China have changed the policy on employment discrimination against people with hepatitis B and the prices of hepatitis B medicine.

A Race Against Time to Cure and Eliminate Hepatitis C in China

Whilst we have made significant efforts to combat hepatitis C in China, including creating better understanding of the disease, uncovering and finding many more patients, and raising the standard of treatment, there is still much more work that needs to be done to effectively eliminate it.

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94%of children have been vaccinated with at least three doses of hepatitis B vaccine in 2015

<1%The Western Pacific Region has achieved the goal of reducing chronic hepatitis B to less than 1% among children

115 million people are still living with chronic hepatitis B in the Western Pacific Region