World Hepatitis Day 2015

World Hepatitis Day 2015
World Health Organization

The theme for this year’s World Hepatitis Day on July 28th 2015 is “Prevent hepatitis. Act now.” In the Western Pacific Region, viral hepatitis is labelled the ‘silent epidemic’ though is responsible for more deaths than that from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined. Viral hepatitis can be effectively prevented through a combination of interventions, including hepatitis B immunization. New antivirals are effective at treating chronic hepatitis B and C infections and preventing liver cancer, but remain unaffordable and inaccessible to most people living with these infections Western Pacific. These proven interventions save lives.

WHD 2015 campaign materials

World Hepatitis Day 2015
World Health Organization

World Hepatitis Day 2015 campaign materials were developed to aid local organizations and individuals adapt global materials for campaigns, including key messages. The annual campaign, marked on 28 July, aims not only to raise awareness among the general public and infected patients, but also to urgently promote improved access to hepatitis services, particularly prevention interventions, by policymakers. The posters and other visual materials can be downloaded or customized and edited in different languages.

Do your part to prevent hepatitis

MANILA, 24 July 2015 – Nearly 40% of global deaths attributable to viral hepatitis occur in the Western Pacific, more than the combined death toll from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. To mark World Hepatitis Day on 28 July, the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Western Pacific Region urges policy-makers, health workers and the public to take action to stop infection and death from hepatitis B and C.

Feature story

Dr Zhang*, a village doctor in Henan province in central China, knows first-hand how destructive hepatitis can be. His father died of liver cancer, most likely caused by undiagnosed hepatitis. Dr Zhang himself was born before hepatitis B vaccination was widely available and was not immunized against hepatitis B – either at birth or as a child. He went on to develop a serious hepatitis B-related illness as an adult.


fact buffet

570 000Number of hepatitis related deaths in the Western Pacific Region, 2013

91% Overall regional infant three doses of hepatitis B vaccination (B3) coverage in the Western Pacific Region, 2013

83% Hepatitis causes 83% of liver cancer deaths in the Western Pacific Region, 2013