Health services development

Guiding health systems development in the Western Pacific

Summary report of a review on the use and utility of six regional health systems strategies


World Health Organization

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Number of pages: 104
Publication date: October 2013
ISBN: 978 92 9061 634 4


This Summary Report, Guiding Health System Development in the Western Pacific: Summary of a Review on the Use and Utility of Six Regional Health System Strategies, emerges from a comprehensive Review that has been conducted to provide feedback to the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific on the collective use and utility of the six health system strategies and action frameworks to Member States, regional partners and the WHO Secretariat. The Review employed mixed methods including document reviews, key informant interviews, dialogue with technical units and analysis of indicator data. Ten low- and middle-income countries were included: Cambodia, China, Fiji, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands and Viet Nam, representing diversity in the Region. The Summary Report has been revised and updated to reflect the discussions and recommendations of a High-level Consultation on the draft report, held in Manila on 22–24 July 2013 and attended by 25 representatives of 18 Member States, as well as WHO Secretariat staff.