Health promotion

Healthy Cities Recognition

Since 2004 and every two years during the conference and General Assembly of the Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC), WHO WPRO recognizes outstanding work in selected areas to encourage cities in the Western Pacific Region to continue to innovate and demonstrate effective and efficient ways of promoting and protecting health of urban populations.

In 2012 WHO WPRO provided recognitions in the following four categories:

  • Best Practice
  • Best Proposal
  • Special Recognition for national level contributions to scaling up Healthy Cities
  • Regional Director’s Recognition for a city with long-standing track record of implementing Healthy Cities activities in their cities

Healthy Cities Recognition Recipients 2012

Best Practice

  • Mobilizing support for 100% smoke-free environments
    • Tagaytay, Philippines
    • Santiago, Philippines
    • Gangnam, Republic of Korea
    • Singapore
  • Environmentally Sustainable and Healthy Urban Transport (ESHUT)
    • Owariasashi, Japan
  • Promoting physical activity in the city
    • Logan, Australia
    • Kunshan, China
    • Gangdong, Republic of Korea
  • Public sanitary convenience
    • Kuching South, Malaysia
  • Safe city: Road safety or Violence prevention
    • Suzhou, China
    • Zhiangjiagang, China
    • Wonju, Republic of Korea
    • Dong-Gu, Republic of Korea

Best proposal

  • Mobilizing support for 100% smoke-free environments
    • Vientianne, Lao PDR
  • Promoting healthier dietary options
    • Marikina City, Philippines
    • Yangcheon, Republic of Korea
  • Health promoting schools in cities
    • Gangdong, Republic of Korea
  • Protecting and promoting mental health at the workplace
    • Changwon, Republic of Korea

Special Recognition for National contributions to scaling up and expanding Healthy Settings (development of national level accreditation systems)

Healthy Cities
  • China: "Accreditation Process of China's Healthy City (Hygienic City) Initiative "
  • Republic of Korea: "Developing a National Accreditation Program for Healthy Cities"
Health Promoting Schools
  • Singapore: "CHERISH (Championing Efforts Resulting in Improved School Health)"
  • Hong Kong, China: "Eat Smart School Accreditation Scheme"

Regional Director’s Recognition

  • Owariasashi, Japan
  • Changwon, Republic of Korea

Healthy Cities Recognition Recipients 2004-2010