Procedures for Application


  • Vacancies for internships will be posted on the WHO website under “Vacancies in WHO’s e-Recruitment system:
  • Interested candidates must apply through the vacancy notice and indicate their preferred technical units along with learning objectives. Technical units will contact the selected applicants directly and finalize the administrative details. The IVP unit will process the next steps and will facilitate the placement of interns, including guidance on accommodations in consultation with country offices, as appropriate.

Entry to WHO

  • Interns will be matched to technical units based on mutual needs of the Organization and the intern.
  • Units and interns will work together to finalize outputs and project outline and agree on indicators to evaluate and assess training outcome.
  • Mentors/supervisors and interns can communicate directly.
  • If requested, assistance will be given to the interns for obtaining visas and accommodation options.
  • WHO will provide transport from the airport.

Contact information

P.O. Box 2932
1000 Manila
Telephone: (+63 2) 528 8001
Fax: (+63 2) 521 1036 or 526 0279