Hepatitis B special initiative

Country resources

Stop it

Hepatitis B can be prevented though vaccination. View resources on implementing birth dose vaccination and strengthening routine immunization. A section on training, communication and assessment tools has been added and will be further developed.

Measure it

Measuring chronic infection rates among vaccinated cohorts is critical for monitoring the impact of vaccination programmes. The Western Pacific Region has accumulated valuable resources and experience in conducting hepatitis B serosurveys for monitoring the status of hepatitis B control.

Verify it

The Region has established a standard process to verify if countries have met regional hepatitis B control goals. The Western Pacific Region has developed guidelines and instructions for country verification of achieving regional hepatitis B control goals.

Contact information

Mr Eric Wiesen
Technical Officer

Expanded Programme on Immunization
Regional Office for the Western Pacific
World Health Organization
P.O. Box 2932
1000 Manila
Tel. no. (+63 2) 5288001
Fax no. (+63 2) 5211036, 5260279