Country Focus

Inter-country collaboration

Mekong Collaborative Study

Although Cambodia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic and Viet Nam, have similar recent histories and income levels, their health outcomes vary substantially. Furthermore, these variations are only partially attributable to the differences in their health workforces and facilities. In April 2012, the WHO Representatives and Country Liaison Officers decided to conduct a comparative study to help explain the disparities in health outcomes. The recommendations are expected this 2013 and, will be presented to the respective governments. The focus will be on improving health status, strengthening health systems, including community health systems, and fostering cross-country collaboration.

Study objectives

  • Investigate the extent to which each country‚Äôs respective health outcomes and input/process indicators in health and non-health sectors are different.
  • Explore which factors are potentially contributing to the difference in health outcomes as well as in input/process indicators, focusing especially on the policy implementation at the district level.
  • Outline obstacles and facilitating factors in the health policy implementation and derive lessons from the best practices.
  • Formulate a set of Mekong-regional and county-specific recommendations summarizing future steps that must be taken to improve health outcomes and narrow the gap between the countries.