Country Focus

Improving WHO performance at country level

Enhancing performance at the country level has been one of the top priorities of the WHO reform agenda in the Western Pacific Region. WHO is undertaking a number of initiatives to strengthen the capacity of both WHO country offices and Member States to plan, manage and evaluate the performance of national health programmes.

Regional Office performance assessment

A critical assessment of WHO’s performance at the country level was conducted. Such evaluation helps to guide WHO’s reform and increase its effectiveness at the country level.

Sub-national initiatives

Sub-national programmes help to ensure that national-level policies reach the district and community level, which can be particularly challenging in large countries, or countries with very diverse populations. Currently, these are underway in China, the Mekong countries and the Philippines.

Inter-country collaboration

The three Mekong countries in the Region (Cambodia, the Lao People's Democratic Republic and Viet Nam) have a combined population of 109 million people. They share a number of cross-border health challenges due to their geographical proximity and frequency of inter-migration. A system of sharing best practices and developing joint initiatives is developed.

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