Country Focus

The Global Fund’s new funding model (NFM)

In 2011, the Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) adopted the 2012-2016 Strategy: Investing for Impact. The Strategy is based on five objectives: investing more strategically, evolving the funding model to be more flexible and proactive, actively supporting grant implementation success, promoting and protecting human rights and sustaining the gains from projects while mobilizing new resources. The Global Fund subsequently developed a new funding process, adopted at the 27th and 28th Global Fund Board meetings, which will increase country focus and provide implementers with the following:

  • More flexible timing;
  • Better alignment with national strategies;
  • Greater predictability on the process and the level of funding available;
  • Early feedback on grant applications; and
  • An ability to elicit full expressions of demand.

The Global Fund launched the new funding model (NFM) in February 2013 and will be in a limited transition phase (invitation-only) throughout 2013 during which funding will be allocated to countries whose programmes are considered significantly underfunded, that face service interruption due to underfunding and that are positioned to achieve rapid impact. Full launch of the NFM will take effect in 2014.