Country Focus

Heads of WHO country offices in the Western Pacific Region

WHO Country Offices in the Region are headed either by a WHO Representative (WR) or a Country Liaison Officer (CLO). The heads of WHO Country Offices represent the WHO Director-General and Regional Director in the country assigned. They manage WHO core functions at country level and provide leadership in the following key functional areas: advocacy, partnership and representation, policy development and technical cooperation, and management. The WHO Representative Office to the South Pacific also supervises four Country Liaison Officers in the Pacific – Kiribati, Northern Micronesia, Tonga and Vanuatu. The Director of Programme Management in the Regional Office represents WHO in the countries and areas without WHO’s physical presence – Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Guam, Hong Kong and Macao.

WRs are appointed by the WHO Director-General through consultations with the Regional Director and after receiving clearance from the relevant Government. CLOs are appointed by the Regional Director following clearance from the relevant Government.