Country Focus

WHO Representative Office in China

China, one of the founders of WHO, participated in the International Health Conference in 1946. This mooted the WHO, with the drafting of WHO’s constitution, transference of functions of the Office International d'Hygiene Publique to WHO, and the start of preparations for the First World Health Assembly. China joined WHO on 22 July 1946. It attended the First World Health Assembly. At the Third World Health Assembly, a resolution stating “the resumption by China of full participation in the work of the Organization will be welcomed,” was adopted. Between 1951 and 1971, China was represented at the Regional Committee for the Western Pacific by China (Taiwan). At the 1972 World Health Assembly, it was declared that, “with effect from 10 May 1972, the People’s Republic of China should represent China at the Organization”. From 1973 onwards, China was represented at the Regional Committee meetings by the People’s Republic of China.

There was initially a WHO Country Liaison Office in Taipei, China (Taiwan). This became a WHO Representative Office in 1959, covering China (Taiwan), Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Korea and the United States Trust Territories (Guam and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands and Ryukyu Island). After its closure in 30 June 1972, the WHO Representative Office in Beijing, China (the People's Republic of China) was established in 1981 to cover China.


WHO Representative in the People's Republic of China : Schwartlander, Dr Bernhard