Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

The 2014-2016 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs are:

President: Professor Jose Florencio Lapeña, Jr. (Philippines)

Immediate Past President: Professor Kiyoshi Kitamura (Japan)

Executive Vice President: Professor Jeong Wook Seo (Republic of Korea)

Vice President for Internal Affairs: Professor Kiichiro Tsutani (Japan)

Vice President for External Affairs: Professor Dai Tao (China)

Secretary-General: Professor Wilfred Peh (Singapore)

The nominated Committee Chairs are:

Education Committee

Chair: Ms Merlita Opeña (Philippines), Co-Chair: Dr Rajeev Kumar (India)

Ethics and Editorial Policy Committee

Chair: Professor Lai-Meng Looi (Malaysia), Co-Chair: Md. Sirajul Islam Molla (Bangladesh)

IT and Library Committee

Chair: Dr Chinmay Shah (India), Co-Chair: Mr Fang An (China)

Ad Hoc Committee on APAMED Central

Chair: Professor Oh Hoon Kwon (Republic of Korea), Co-Chair: Dr Amit Joshi (Nepal)

WHO WPRO WPRIM Liaison: Ms Marie Villemin Partow

WHO SEARO IMSEAR Liaison: Mr Charles Raby

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