Emerging disease surveillance and response

Surveillance and Epidemiology

19 January 2010
21 August 2009
15 June 2009
11 May 2009
27 April 2009
  • Global Surveillance during an Influenza Pandemic
    This document outlines the critical information that should be collected during different time periods in the course of an influenza pandemic. It also provides guidance for reporting such information to WHO and describes the processes that WHO will use to disseminate critical information and to ensure that it is available to the relevant audience.
November 2008
March 2008
  • A Guide to Establishing Event-based Surveillance
    pdf, 1.12Mb

    Event-based surveillance is the organized and rapid capture of information about events that are a potential risk to public health. This document provides guidance on setting up event-based surveillance systems and describes how they can contribute to the overall effectiveness of communicable diseases surveillance.
April 2005
  • WHO checklist for influenza pandemic preparedness planning
    The objective of pandemic planning is to enable countries to be prepared to recognize and manage an influenza pandemic. This document provides a systematic framework to assist health authorities in planning for an influenza pandemic. Specifically, Chapters 2 and 3 provide guidance for surveillance systems and case investigation in the inter-pandemic, pre-pandemic and pandemic phases.