Emerging disease surveillance and response

Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases


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This Strategy is a road map for countries of the Asia Pacific Region to strengthen core capacities required for effective preparedness planning, prevention, prompt detection, characterization, containment and control of emerging infectious diseases which threaten national, regional and global health security. Implementation of the Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases in an important stepping stone in fulfilling many of the requirements of the revised International Health Regulations – (IHR) (2005). This strategy covers newly emerging infectious diseases such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and avian influenza as well as the re-emerging and resurging known diseases, and known epidemic-prone diseases. The goal of the Strategy is to improve health protection in the Asia Pacific Region through productive partnerships. WHO South-East Asia Region and Western Pacific Region 2005, 41 pagesISBN 92 9061 209 6