Macao SAR (China)

Macao SAR (China), formerly Macao SAR, China, had had its own nameplate from the forty-fourth session of the Regional Committee meeting in 1993 until 19 December 1999. It was represented as Macao SAR (China) after it was transferred from Portugal to China and became a Special Administrative Region on 20 December 1999.
Macao SAR (China) was covered by the WHO Representative Office in Taipei, China (Taiwan) from 1959 until the Office was closed on 30 June 1972. Responsibility over Macao SAR (China) was transferred to the Western Pacific Regional Office under the Office of the Director, Programme Management.

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Director, Programme Management:
Dr Takeshi Kasai

Office address: World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific
United Nations Avenue P.O. Box 2932,
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