Pitcairn Islands


Pitcairn Islands
This map is an approximation of actual country borders.

The Pitcairn Islands comprise a group of four islands, officially named Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno. The group is situated in the South Pacific Ocean about midway between Peru and New Zealand.

The only permanently inhabited island in the group is Pitcairn, with an area of 46 square kilometres. It is a rugged volcanic formation with a rocky coastline and high cliffs. The island is accessed by yachts and ships that travel irregularly between New Zealand and the Americas via the Panama Canal. Ships may occasionally divert to Pitcairn to assist in emergencies. Pitcairn also receives a scheduled supply boat at approximately three-monthly intervals. The official point of arrival is Bounty Bay on the Northern shore.

There are approximately 52 permanent residents on Pitcairn, including 10 children under 15 years of age. Several expat personnel are employed on the island; a Governor’s representative, a pastor, a policeman, a schoolteacher, a medical officer and a welfare officer.

The Pitcairn Islands is the United Kingdom’s last remaining dependency in the South Pacific. It is covered directly by the Western Pacific Regional Office under the Office of the Director, Programme Management.

All communications about the WHO programme of collaboration with Pitcairn Islands should be directed to Director, Programme Management, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific.

WHO Country Office

Office address:

Director, Programme Management
World Health Organization
Regional Office for the Western Pacific
United Nations Avenue P.O. Box 2932, 1000 Manila, the Philippines

Telephone number:

(632) 5288 001
(632) 3031 000

Fax number:

(632) 5260 279

Office hours:




Ministry of Health


Dr Alastair McDonald Medical Officer Pitcairn Islands

Fax number:

(872) 7623 37767



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