WHO Collaborating Centre

WHO Collaborating Centres

WHO Collaborating Centres are institutions designated by the Director-General of WHO to form part of an international collaborative network carrying out activities in support of the Organization's programmes at all levels.

As of 5 June 2013, there are 176 WHO collaborating centres (CC) in the Western Pacific Region, located in nine Member States. More than one-third of all CCs are located in China (64 including Hong Kong) and another one fourth of the CCs are in Australia (45). WHO CCs provide support to wide-ranging technical areas of work from traditional medicine to health systems development to serving as global or regional reference laboratories for specific diseases. The detailed information for each CC in the Western Pacific Region can be retrieved from the Global Database maintained by WHO Headquarters.

The regional focal point for health research also serves as the regional focal point for the management of WHO collaborating centres, though the relevant technical officers are responsible for coordinating day-to-day implementation of workplans and in mobilizing support of CCs for their technical programmes.

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Contact Persons
Ms Nittita Prasopa-Plaizier
Technical Officer and Regional Focal Point for WHO Collaborating Centres

Ms Mary Ann Gamilla
Administrative Officer and Focal Point for WHO Collaborating Centres

Ms Laila Bunoan
Regional Focal Point Assistant

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