WHO goes for Pedal Power!

News release

The WHO China office is 'going green', taking delivery of a fleet of custom-made WHO bicycles in Beijing today.

"Part of our job at WHO is to promote healthy lifestyles. We do this through our work, but we also believe in practising what we preach", Dr Bernhard Schwartländer, WHO Representative in China and biking enthusiast said.

WHO China

"At WHO we also believe in doing our bit to protect the environment. We're firm believers that even the smallest step makes a difference. In this case it's not a step - but a pedal on a bike to get around town to meetings and events where possible," Dr Schwartländer explained.

"Having a healthy lifestyle includes regular physical activity, such as through bike riding," Dr Schwartländer said.

"Life-long fitness requires a little exertion every day. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk instead of taking the bus. Bike instead of the subway if you can - that's what we'll be doing at WHO from now on. You'll live a longer, healthier life," said Dr Schwartländer.

"Bikes also offer more flexibility in Beijing's heavy traffic: the number of dedicated lanes means most bikes move faster than cars," said Ines Brunn, whose Dongcheng bike store produced the custom-made WHO bikes.

"Our mission is to get people to use bicycles in daily life, and enjoy cycling for a healthy lifestyle. We aim to build urban cycling communities to change people's perception of the bike in China," said Ms Brunn.

"We're proud to have partnered with WHO to promote cycling as a healthy, and fun, mode of transport," Ms Brunn said.

If you live or work in the Dongzhimen and Sanlitun areas in Beijing and see WHO staff out and about on the WHO bikes, feel free to give them a wave!