Child and adolescent health

"Our vision is a world in which children and young people enjoy the highest attainable standard of health and development."

The Child and Adolescent Health programme promotes a holistic, population-based approach to health, along a continuum of care from birth to adolescence, and from the home to the hospital.

Addressing the health of children and adolescents is central to achieving Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 4, which aims to reduce the child mortality rate by two-thirds; MDG 5, which seeks to reduce the maternal mortality ratio by three-quarters; and MDG 6, which relates to the control of HIV/AIDS, by 2015.

The objectives of the Child and Adolescent Health programme are to:

  • develop a comprehensive policy, plan and strategy for scaling effective interventions towards universal access;
  • strengthen availability of new evidence, products, technologies, interventions and delivery approaches to improve newborn, child and adolescent health;
  • develop guidelines, approaches and tools for improving neonatal survival and health;
  • intensify action towards universal coverage with effective interventions for child health and monitor progress; and
  • coordinate implementation of evidence-based strategies, norms and standards for the prevention and care of diseases and health compromising behaviours in adolescents.