WHO in the Western Pacific

Programme management

The Division of Programme Management plans and oversees WHO technical cooperation across the 37 countries and areas with nearly 1.9 billion people that make up the Western Pacific Region.

With the Office of the Regional Director and the Division of Administration and Finance, the Division of Programme Management works collectively to provide leadership for WHO work in the Western Pacific Region.

The Division of Programme Management works in five key areas:

The Division coordinates governing body meetings, including the Regional Committee and the Region’s participation in the Executive Board and World Health Assembly.

Key areas of the Division’s country support work include developing WHO country cooperation strategies in collaboration with Member States, implementing WHO reform, supporting WHO’s 15 country offices in the Region and coordinating WHO’s work with other United Nations agencies and global health initiatives.

The Division promotes results-based management and cross-cutting approaches. The Division directs strategic and operational bottom-up planning and resource allocation based on priorities identified by WHO governing bodies and WHO country cooperation strategies.

Finally, the Division provides coordination and support to WHO technical teams for document editing, meetings and courses.

Contact information

P.O. Box 2932
1000 Manila
Telephone: (+63 2) 528 8001
Fax: (+63 2) 521 1036 or 526 0279