WHO in the Western Pacific

Health Security and Emergencies

The Division of Health Security and Emergencies (DSE), which was established in July 2010, works towards ensuring public health security in the Western Pacific Region through preparedness planning, prevention, early detection and rapid response to emerging diseases, acute public health events and emergencies.

The Division is composed of three units: Emerging Disease Surveillance and Response; Emergency and Humanitarian Action; and Food Safety.

In line with the International Health Regulations (2005), the Asia Pacific Strategy for Emerging Diseases (2010), the Western Pacific Regional Food Safety Strategy (2011–2015), the health cluster approach for humanitarian emergency and disaster response, and other relevant policy frameworks, the Division supports the countries and areas of the Western Pacific Region in strengthening their systems and capacities for preventing, detecting, assessing and managing public health threats.

Health security threats like emerging diseases do not respect national borders and can spread from country to country quickly in this highly interconnected world. The Division also works to improve the regional-preparedness, alert and response capacity in the region through the regional event-based surveillance and response system, the existing networks, including the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN).

The Division also serves as a common operational platform to coordinate emergency response operations within the Western Pacific Regional Office.